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Expansive therapy and coaching tailored to your identities and goals. Whether you’re looking for relationship support, mental health counseling, or simply a space for deeper reflection, our intake coordinator helps you meet your match.

Casey Tanner
“It is hard to describe what this group did for my soul, my confidence, and my self-love.”

― Anonymous Client, The Expansive Group


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Casey Tanner

What we Provide

✔ Individual Therapy & Coaching

✔ Relationship Therapy & Coaching

✔ Sliding Scale & Insurance Options

✔ Virtual & In-Person Sessions

✔ Specialization in Gender & Sexuality

✔ Support with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, & More

✔ Queer-Centered, Anti-Oppressive, & Culturally Responsive Care

Why Choose Us?

We're honored that you're considering The Expansive Group in your search for support. Here's why our community chose us.


Our compassionate providers offer queer-centered, anti-oppressive, and culturally responsive care. Accredited and experienced in various therapy modalities and lived experiences, we support LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, neurodiverse, and other identities with personalized, high-quality care. We're here to uplift every aspect of who you are.


Rather than setting firm rates for our services, we use a sliding scale for every single client. You tell us what you can make work, and we let you know if we have openings that can accommodate your budget. If we don’t, we’ll connect you to our wait list, funding resources, or external referrals with lower cost openings.


Over the years, we’ve been able to offer our services both online and in person, ensuring access to affirming care regardless of where you are. We provide virtual sessions globally and we also offer in-person sessions in New York and Chicago. We have now worked with clients in 48 states and over 60 different countries (and counting)!


Anonymous Support Group Client

"It is hard to put into words what this group did for my soul, my confidence, and my self-love. I felt like a part of a queer community for maybe the first time ever. I belonged."

Anonymous Support Group Client

"The Expansive Community has been beyond incredible in providing not only a safe space to explore all things like gender, sexuality, queerness, etc, but also a space where I’ve been able to meet new people and create friendships in the queer community!"

Anonymous Relationship Therapy Client

“My partner and I were looking for a queer therapist who could see us when we lived in different states. We've had a great experience both administratively and in session. Affordable too, relative to other options we explored.”


Do you only offer sex therapy? What if I’m looking to address anxiety, depression, or other concerns?

We offer more than sex therapy! Sex therapists are licensed therapists who have pursued additional training in sex therapy. While many of our therapists have a particular specialty in sex therapy, they are also experienced in working with a myriad of concerns.  Whether you’re looking to work on anxiety or depression, trauma, or body image, or anything else that impacts your mental well-being, our therapists are equipped and excited to support you. Our coaches also have experience working with clients on needs beyond sex and intimacy.

What is sex therapy? What is queer sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a therapeutic intervention primarily focused on intimacy, identity, and a client’s relationship to sex and their body, and “queer sex therapy” refers to our LGBTQIA+ affirming lens. Our team advocates for expansive views of gender, relationship and sexual exploration, and does not gate-keep identity, language, or behavior. You do not need to be in a relationship (or even sexually active) to seek sex therapy. Common reasons people seek sex therapy include:

  • Desire discrepancy (struggles with sexual compatibility)
  • Sexual trauma
  • Relationship conflict & communication
  • Gender identity exploration and/or transition
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Exploration of sexual orientation including gay, lesbian, asexual, pansexual, queer, and more
  • BDSM and Kink
  • Struggles with orgasm or inorgasmia
  • Overcoming sexual shame and/or religious trauma
  • Non-monogamy
  • Chronic pain and/or sexual pain
  • Body Image
  • General couples or relationship therapy

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy is a regulated mental health service provided by mental health professionals who have completed graduate training programs in counseling psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, and/or clinical psychology. Our therapists work to help clients gain insight, heal past traumas, address self-destructive habits, repair and improve relationships, and develop skills to navigate challenging and painful experiences. Therapy may also include diagnosis and treatment of a mental health condition. Due to professional licensing requirements, our therapists can only provide individual, relationship and group therapy services to clients located in the state/s in which they are licensed. Currently, The Expansive Group has licensed providers in Colorado, Illinois, New York, California, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Missouri, and can provide therapy services to clients located in these states.

At TEG, we define coaching as a service that works to help you identify and clarify your goals, recognize obstacles and problematic behaviors that stand in the way of achieving those goals, and create action plans to build the life you want. Coaching services are provided by coaches. At TEG, all of our coaches are also trained therapists. Coaching services can be provided to clients regardless of location, and clients can join support groups from any location, as well. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you are seeking treatment for a mental health condition, you should seek services from a therapist who is licensed in your state. To the extent that we have no therapists licensed in your location, we can support you in finding resources for local therapists in your area.

Can I seek services if I am not part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Absolutely. While we center the queer community in our work, we believe that everyone can benefit from an expansive take on sexuality, gender and relationships. Many of our therapists and coaches work with cisgender, straight clients across a wide range of topics.

Can I seek therapy services from any location?

Due to professional licensing requirements, our therapists can only provide therapy services to clients located in the state/s in which they are licensed. Currently, the Expansive Group has licensed providers in Colorado, Illinois, New York, California, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Missouri, and can provide therapy services to clients located in these states.

Can I seek coaching services from any location?

Yes, our coaches are able to provide coaching services to clients from all states and countries across the world. If our coaches assess that your needs are better suited for therapy, they can support you in getting connected to therapy services in your area.

Do you accept my insurance?

We only accept insurance from Illinois residents who have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or Blue Choice PPO. To ensure that we are in-network with your insurance, call the number on the back of your insurance card prior to your first session. If insurance does not cover the cost of your sessions, you will be responsible for the full charge.

Please note, we are not in-network with some independent licensees of BCBS. We're also not able to work with out-of-network providers for temporary coverage. Therapy clients are welcome to submit a bill to their insurance companies to seek out-of-network coverage.

Do you offer sliding scale?

Yes, we offer sliding scale services depending on provider availability. Please indicate your financial needs on the intake form and our team will assist you further.

What is Pleasure Mentoring?

Offered by the one and only Kiana Lewis, Pleasure Mentoring focuses on developing your understanding of sensuality and cultivating a practice with your erotic self. Different from therapy, Pleasure Mentoring offers more short-term, hands-on guidance. Kiana uses modalities including movement, visualization, writing, and vocalization to help you unearth your most pleasure-filled life. For Pleasure Mentoring, email Kiana@theexpansivegroup.com.

How is @queersextherapy related to The Expansive Group?

The Instagram page @queersextherapy was created by our founder and CEO, Casey Tanner, and is run by Casey and other TEG educators. Because we recognize not everyone has the time, energy or finances for sex therapy or coaching, we provide free sex, gender, and relationship education through this platform in an effort to make this unique work more accessible. While @queersextherapy offers brief tips and resources on these topics, many choose to work with a provider at TEG to explore what these topics mean in their lives.