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Incia Rashid-Dawdy, LCPC, CST (She/Her)

Staff Therapist

Incia (pronounced: In-see-ya ru-Sheed Daw-dee) specializes in working with clients on concerns related to anxiety, depression, perfectionism, personal identity, and more. Whether it relates to gender and sexual identity, empowerment and safety, physical and emotional boundaries, or the many deeply personal life choices we face regularly, she relies on building a collaborative alliance with her clients at whichever pace feels most comfortable for them.

As a woman of color, she understands both culturally, politically, and interpersonally the challenges of the systemically oppressive environment which many of us experience on a daily basis. Incia is a first-generation Pakistani-American, and is proud to be an advocate for all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities, and brings her most authentic self to each client relationship that blooms.

Incia practices therapy in Illinois and offers coaching anywhere.

Therapist Identities

Asian/South Asian
First generation

Client Concerns or Identities


Therapy Types

Individual Therapy & Coaching
Relationship Therapy & Coaching