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Expansive therapy & coaching for every identity.

Your soft place to land for relationship, sexuality, and gender support.

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What We Offer

We offer expansive therapy and coaching tailored for individuals and relationships, both online and in person. Discover care that embraces identities and needs across the spectrum.

Our Care Team

We are expansive therapists and coaches for every identity. Because you deserve mental health support that is inclusive. Meet professional, licensed, and vetted therapists and coaches who you can trust with your gender, sexuality, and relationships.


Anonymous Support Group Client

"It is hard to put into words what this group did for my soul, my confidence, and my self-love. I felt like a part of a queer community for maybe the first time ever. I belonged."

Anonymous Support Group Client

"The Expansive Community has been beyond incredible in providing not only a safe space to explore all things like gender, sexuality, queerness, etc, but also a space where I’ve been able to meet new people and create friendships in the queer community!"

Anonymous Relationship Therapy Client

“My partner and I were looking for a queer therapist who could see us when we lived in different states. We've had a great experience both administratively and in session. Affordable too, relative to other options we explored.”

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We offer expansive therapy and coaching tailored for individuals and relationships, supplemented by support groups, education, and training. We're accepting new clients online and in person. Reach out to us below depending on your inquiry and we'll get back to you soon.

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In-Person Sessions

While we virtually support clients all over the world, you're welcome at our locations in New York and Chicago. Meet with your therapist or coach in the privacy and comfort of our offices. Please indicate on your form if you'd like to meet with your provider in person.

The Expansive Group, New York

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